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Market Magazine is a project we began with some friends in the Spring of 2010. The goal was to merge the functionality and focus of a social-networking site to a generation constantly on the real-life move. In essence, Market focuses on cities and the individual's neighbors in these cities.

Our initial goal was to iron out the challenges of having both a date-independent website and a date-limited publication provide the user with the same information without sacrificing consistency. The answer was twofold. One - provide both a login for the site and a subscription base for the publication to track statistics. In this way, we could follow the trends from our readers. Two - As this was to be a monthly publication, provide our subscribers and readers with a way to leave feedback both through the publication in the form of reader tear-offs and in the site in the form of feedback widgets.

Keeping abreast of real estate vacancies proved a bit taxing, initially. We solved this problem by offering advertising incentives to the real estate industry for providing the leads. The site is connected to a custom IDX which pinpoints vacancies as soon as they come to the market. Residents have the option of being featured per issue as time and/or space permits.


This job is currently ongoing and will be completed by Summer 2011. Keep a lookout for site info coming soon!


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