1. Yes, our policies are coming soon. But don't you worry, it's nothing too bad.

    A team of lawyers (us) are working around the clock to get our policies up so we can protect ourselves from all those downloaders, hackers and web citizens (again, us) that might seek to exploit or in some way rob us of our hard work. Hey, we'd want our stuff too. Yea, we hate this part as much as you do...mainly because it bores us to tears.

    We'll make it nice and easy, mkay?

    Here's the short and purchasing a font license from Polyglyphic, you are securing the rights to use that font under the terms and conditions outlined in our End-User License Agreement (aka our 'EULA') - coming soon. This Agreement is a legally binding contract between you and Polyglyphic. As fonts are made available on the site, we will have separate licenses available and will outline and clarify each. The web font world is changing quickly and we want to be sure to adapt as it changes.

    As capabilities are made available on the site, we will be adding more to this section. Currently, we plan on having our initial work made available at Stay tuned for more and myfonts links will be made available, where appropriate, until such time that we are up and running on all 8 cylinders.





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