Dec 20, 2010

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The Welcome Wagon…

And thanks for visiting us for the announcement of the new Polyglyphic Media site! As some of you (ok, most of you) may not have heard of us, we’d like to welcome you to, our new experiment in online art and creative direction, and acquaint you with a bit of what’s going on with the site, site features and what’s to come down the road. We’re excited to finally launch and there’s a lot to cover and explore yet, so let’s get on with it…

General Site Features and Introduction

This site was made to take care of a number of issues that we have as freelance website designers working in Los Angeles. Namely…

1. We needed an outlet for our voice. We’ve collectively worked in the field for a good number of years, providing art direction, web design and creative guidance for an equal number of clientele. So many collaborations have produced a multitude of opinions, software ‘hacks’, workarounds, inspirations and skills. We’re happy to share what we can with the community and needed the proper platform to express our views.

2. We needed the proper format to expose our growing collection of art pieces, accessories, poster art and collaborations. With the contacts made in many local (and not so local) fields, we’ve either had our hand at experimentation within these fields or commissioned “one-off” products when clients demanded them of us. Eventually, we came to the conclusion of offering our connections, and projects, to everyone. Hence, our ‘crafts’ page. Coming very soon.

3. Our fonts, our fonts, our fonts. While we’ve each dabbled with fonts over the years, and hand-lettered for a good number, we’ve finally taken it upon ourselves to offer the fonts in a format useable to everyone. We’ll be working with a number of online font-solutions to improve what we can and ensure you of the greatest quality possible from our budding shop. With 3 font-families currently in the works, expect to see the first family completed within the month.

That said, the following categories will house the respective features and projects to come…

Our goal with the ‘cases’ feature is to showcase a monthly to two-month article on relevant information to the company and industry from our local perspective. When we come across interesting information, scoop on the latest technology or new company features, we like to talk about it. Read about it in the ‘Cases’ category in detail or click the link on the homepage, changing every cycle to reflect the case of the moment.

Our Fonts, Our Inspirations for those fonts, Try them out, test them here first. Our fonts will also be available through MyFonts, on a limited basis, as we work out the direction of the remaining shop features. Email us at for details and samples of what we have and what’s to come.

Woodworks, Accessories, Poster art. You name it, we’ve done it for a client. We’ll make it available as soon as we can!

Find samples of our web design work, layout and print campaigns, branding and identity from various fields, and hand-lettering, here. Email us at for a complete rundown of our clients and work experience.

News + Feed
We’ll post here whenever we want to detail random information. For a quick rundown of posted information also check out our twitter page or our facebook page. And hey, while you’re at it, subscribe to our RSS feed!

We look forward to a growing community here and are eager to get cracking with our work. Stay in touch, keep tuned in. We can’t wait…

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