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Caslon Latina: Modern Appeal with a Romantic Flair.

Caslon Latina was first conceived in 1965 as a derivative development of the formal English Caslon typeface. Designed with a flair of romanticism with swash alternate characters to blend with a 60’s and 70′s mood, this is a complementary serif to a number of font choices. In similar tones to Caslon Old Style, Caslon Latina offers a slightly more modern appeal, resulting in a formal, readable typeface. The alternate Swash, a complement to the Black and Bold styles, is a great option for emphasis in meaning or impact.

Designed and crafted here by Polyglyphic of Los Angeles, California, We’re proud to offer this latest font flavor.

Coming soon to our MyFonts account, and our webstore shortly thereafter, to be available in two weights (Black and Bold) with alternate Swash characters.

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