We're a small team who appreciates good design...

Our individual team experience has run the gamut of Hollywood and Los Angeles jobs - From major studios and ad agencies to Mom & Pop's in the local Los Angeles area and everywhere in between. Our custom typography has been featured in both print and screen campaigns and our extensive background in print production sets us apart from the field. We've been with the design industry for a good part of our lives and will continue to grow with it as it expands.




Yes, we work out of a studio. A small studio. An often cramped studio but, nonetheless, one we call our own. We've been together at the space for a little over a year now but have come to call it home in more ways than one. Most importantly, however, we are centrally located to a vast array of coffee joints and all-nighters. What this means for you is that the job gets done. We're up all night so you don't have to be.




This site was built using XHTML and CSS with some wordpress support thrown in for good measure. Site navigation and general text is courtesy of Lucida Grande and Times handles some minor details on the 'cases' page. Helvetica takes care of our blurbs up top.

The site requires the latest browsers with the usual plug-ins. We use Safari and Firefox almost exclusively but we're known to use Google Chrome from time to time. Hosting is made courtesy of WebFaction, Magento will handle our storefront and Apple MacPros (4 of 'em) work around the clock to handle all the grunt work.




We consider this site an experiment, of sorts, and are playing around with the direction of the site as well as the content. However...

We have a number of goals which we hope to accomplish over the following months.

Firstly, look forward to many of our site-used fonts changing over time as we use this site as a springboard for our new fonts to come. All of our newly designed fonts going forward will be available as 'web fonts' and will be available for use on a per font basis. The site may take on a number of subtle changes over the years as we test and get acclimated with new content and handling purchase requests.

Second, stay tuned for a growing number of contributors to our "Cases" category as we reach out to industry connections for insightful advice, columns and more.

Lastly, but not least, we love to play around with and add content as it becomes available. If we don't have a category for it, we'll make it or find a place for it. Consider the site organic and let it move around as it will.




We've worked with a number of companies throughout the years and are working diligently to post all we've accomplished on our new home site. Rest assured, the job is in the works.

The companies posted above are a small sampling of the experience we have to offer. As always, we're more than happy to discuss any past work and look forward to hearing from our patrons.

We'll iron out the details soon enough so KEEP TUNED IN!



Reaching Out


If you’d like to inquire about any issues or details, feel free to fill out our contact form or contact us via the following...

General Queries: info@polyglyphic.com
Twitter: twitter.com/polyglyphic
Fax: (323) 424-7677

Alternatively, you can always email our company members individually at the following addresses...

Creative Director/Principal
Paul Brent
- pbrent@polyglyphic.com

Design & Structure Layout
Blaise Lucovic
- blucovic@polyglyphic.com
Alison Orton - aorton@polyglyphic.com

Programming & Editing
Jai Garcia
- jagarcia@polyglyphic.com
Bryan Oett - byoett@polyglyphic.com

Submitting Content

While we're getting the ball rolling we are accepting content for future work for the site.

If you're interested in taking part, whether it be through case contributions, art, crafts or other technical or graphic skills, write us at submissions@polyglyphic.com and we'll get back to you with a time to meet and/or discuss.

Polyglyphic will be considering typography submissions, on a limited basis, as we prepare the site for commercial capabilities.

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